Aidez moi à traduire un article en français

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Aidez moi à traduire un article en français

Messagepar oubey513 » 21 Aoû 2007, 11:48

Assalam alaykoum

voici un article que je trouve interessant , voudriez vous me le traduire en Français et en Anglais s'il vous plait.
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Messagepar daddybl2002 » 22 Aoû 2007, 09:30

Effectivement intéressant mais pas le temps désolé !
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Explique toi ami

Messagepar oubey513 » 24 Aoû 2007, 19:01

Tu veux dire que
c'est pas le temps d'entammer ce problème
ou bien que
tu n'as pas le temps ? :lol:
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Messagepar Petite fée » 24 Aoû 2007, 20:09

Tu sais pour traduire un texte comme celui là, il nous faut une licence d’interprétariat je crois, pour faire le sans faute, faudra être spécialiste dans le domaine.

Par exemple moi pour le titre j’aurais dit, "le projet du droit public"
Et je sais pertinemment que ce n’est pas ça

Edt; j'essaie quand même :roll:
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Petite fée
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est ce que tu y crois ?

Messagepar oubey513 » 26 Aoû 2007, 10:37

Est ce que tu as cru a ce qu'y est écrit , ou tu veux juste estre collborative , est c'est tout
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Messagepar ELHANI » 10 Sep 2007, 22:42

oubey voila ce que j'ai pu avoir pour les versets essaye de les trouver dans le coran traduit a+
In the name of God, the most Merciful, the most Compassionate

General project the truth

This humble study and thesis of thesis of justified - general entitled “general project the truth”, rose in her university student in specialization of the electronics in comprehensive Algerian, status of border for the carelessness aims to who the Muslim societies hit corroded receded to what without levels gathered western which does not end darknesses of the hamlet stumble in…

Basem Allah and the praising is praise be to God and the prayer the prayer and the peace the peace on messenger Allah, as for after

This simple thesis straightens on idea devoting of the justice and investment investment of laws of the punishments in the Islamic vines [mn] ['ajl] security circumstances of moral and social social reasonable and accepting midwife for the living in her, and status of status end for the epidemics which stumbles in her nation of the Islam from [tbrj] and outbreak of the wines and the favoritism spread the favoritism and changes her changes her…

In the western societies consciousness of enemy informational creates and the thinking thinkers and the common people general in the role who plays him laws of the punishments in saving of circumstances dignifying life for the people (… and for how much in the novelist life…) therefore the preservation on the laws and the pressing desires on the pressing on the authorities for making her the laws sharpen which sees her in Saleh gathered their, or obstructs on her indeed enact a law not in service good general.

Corroded that them can that distinguishes in so far that punishment was what for infraction in truth good general, she enough for the discouragement low mother to degree that she makes from the law raved place for the mockery.

As for in the truimphant societies the Muslim transient consciousness general absent completely in the truimphant cases, so one from members does not create councils of the parliaments and from thinking and from informational and from professors ally of the truths, their blessing does not create from any interest in status shows new draft bill and from any new objection about any law shows or change in passage the law in the regime.

From blessing regrettable that any person about defect in mandatory drop the punishment on designating infraction does not speak, while the people about the interview about drop of the wages and the grants do not refrain the grants and changed her changed her from the material sides…

Raved does not mean that upright on the authorities any Islamic interest in fighter the decay in the society does not show, however them the orientation and the supporting needs to the thinking supporting from edge and informational informational and the common people general…

In the western societies custom what new laws export in good general, the individuals deter from practiced some behaviorisms which damages in good general only [mn] ['ajl] their whims and their airs their loves, and from from idealized her to law exports the general smoking in the places fines on and law of law prevents the smoking in the organizations in France and fines the founded smokers and the organizations according to fine the equality, and to law exports indecent wearing the clothing and the sandals prevents the sandals in the White House and in in the general places in Washington… and raved the consciousness raved still present and witnesses of witness hereto.

As for in the Muslim societies so blessing rare to chest law of new hear in prevents or allows or decries or adjures… and if if the authorities wanted passage of purpose have fun so indeed her the laws do not need to yet purposes about road of the improvisation arrive to her or the abuse…

Indeed indeed chest there new law or improvisatory measure the transient consciousness absent about the consciousness, objection does not create and corroboration…

In Algeria blood clot execution of arbitrators of the execution since year 1993, and to is to is [tbd] any side any objection and observation and any response indicates on any form from forms Al-Hayat…

During a few the past year benefited a lot of the imprisoned, and especially the youths who custom what assaults in the weapons straighten in white, measures of the pardon benefited from either on the occasion of religious memory or national or on the occasion of lack presence of suitable, [mmaa] ['adY] ['ilY] incrementation attributed the assaults, without that is there any protest on measures the pardon this…

Stubborn hardheads attempt of one thinking or informational or the individuals the protest on absence the laws collides in back current from discouraging opinions and enemies enemies of the reform her meaning that he from unbelievable that is there law hereby the guaranteed or that, and from from unbelievable to man of the police in preventing of sharp from the mixture with girl straightens their, and from from unbelievable to the woman prevents to designating clothes in the general places clothe…

So is one was expects to law in China exports the fathers from reproduction prevent more than child one? . The law raved who appears was him joke?

That to harbors, is not it blessing reasonable age of law prevents industrialization and selling sold and possession possession of the indecent attires, in considering her forbidden harmful her matter is matter anesthetic and changed her changed her?

The current raved from discouraging and the defeatist defeatists and enemies enemies of the reform is truimphant what obstacle in front of attempts of the reform stands, and to is to ignorance of the nation in essence of the regime is and in despotic in despotic work of the law he our the main reason in falling behind about investment of the regimes in Saleh the nation…

We nation of the Islam be true in undertaking of the laws which Saleh was formed in gathered general and protection protection of the moral circumstances and social social from the disintegration and the dissolution the dissolution, for that the decay spreads something so something under pressing whims of the selfish individuals who wife of truths attacks on gathered which not she truths of Al-Shaab who coexists with him so according to, yet she successive truths the generations which will this circumstances bequeath in what fitted from her and what what so dam in her, this truths attack on [mn] ['ajl] their loves and their whims their whims and their instincts their zoologic instincts…

Allah said became strong and be exalted be exalted: “cursing who structures of Israel on tongue of Daoud disbelieved from and Issa Issa son of Mariam. That in what disobeyed and was was attacks. Was [ytnaahwn] about repudiated did him…”.

Said messenger of Allah said cobra of Allah on him and peace of peace: “… to hand takes on idiotic [wlt'aTrnh] on the truth tender or to Allah hits hearts some you in some then curses you just as cursing their…”.

The protection the protection from the decay raved formation from the initiated people which on her to the information pressures on the authorities in all methods the enlightenment and the information… Lacs makes her strict laws studied sharpen this epidemics final bring to a halt otherwise the eternity, and stay up late protection of this laws from where value of the punishments stay up late on and preventive her preventive her and her activation her activation on in reality.

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